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About Whetherman: Whetherman is the independent project of 29 year-old Nicholas Williams, whose music has often acted as a meter for his personal journey through life. His folk songs, filled with personal truth and awareness, become fearless through effervescent melodies and earnest vocals.

Under Whetherman, Williams has independently written, produced and released five full length albums since 2007. His newest manifestation 'Streams and Pastures' (2013) features a six-member band for the first time. The cast includes Rachel Murray (Vocals), JP Salvat (Percussion), Alex Hayward (Drums, Misc.), Adam Mantovani (Upright Bass), Eric Brigmond (Keys, Trumpet) and Drew Matulich (Fiddle/Mandolin). The end product, is a beautiful array of elements covering much of America's enriched musical history.

Mostly performing solo, Williams has stayed busy on the road since 2011, touring extensively through 35 states across the US and performing 180 dates a year. Currently, Williams is preparing the sixth full-length album, 'Seeds for Harvest', due to release late in 2014. Whetherman will also be embarking on the third nationwide tour this Spring, as well as the first international tour dates hitting May and June of 2014 accompanied by songstress Rachel Murray.

All of Whetherman's music is available for download on Bandcamp, as well as the newest releases on iTunes and physical purchase on Amazon.com. App users can also find Whetherman on Pandora Radio and Spotify.


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