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About Essep: Artist history:

In late 1995 I started getting into remixing songs mainly for digital chainsaw, which was a musik website where you could showcase your remixed talent. But because the material was copyrighted the site was shutdown, so I began writing my own material and then slowy experimenting with other ways to make musik. I find people along the to inspire me with new ideas, of course I also have a set of musicians that are the main frame of Essep. Now & then I do my part to get back into remixing by either contests or for just the hell of it, which doing that I go by then name Puppetjobe. As for now I written & recorded six albums with the help of my experiments and friends.

Artist description:

Essep stands for either Experimental Supernatural Sound and Electronic Percussion or Experimental Sonic Sound and Electronic Percussion, hey that's your choice! It's a mixture of rock, metal, punk and electronic - industrial musik, even sometimes altered poems. But I like to dubb it as "Experimental-Odditi-core".

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