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About Jasongs: Jasongs is basically a musical project Jason Arvanites started along with his wife Elaine. Jason is the musician and vocalist. Elaine is a vocalist and lyricist. It just so happens that their harmonies blend just as well as their marriage.

Jason garnered quite a collection of songs that lay in a cassette tape wasteland. It became readily apparent that his forte for humor lent itself to children's music. Elaine, having quite the funny bone herself and after listening to a few, suggested that some of these songs might easily be adapted to educational themes. For example, one such funky song originally entitled "Canker Sore" became "Dinosaur" instead. (Incidentally, this is the top song among the Jasongs collection.) Got to thank Elaine for that one.

With all the animated films being released that cater to adults as well as kids, it was clear that Jasongs had to have the same appeal. So, it made sense to adhere to a contemporary style and at the same time reach the minds and hearts of young'ns. As it turns out, adults don't seem to care much that it is for kids. The music is just as entertaining as anything they've ever heard. So, there's a certain desire to avoid calling it children's music. However, in order to be readily accessible in the vast ocean of music on the internet, it's still necessary to label it as such. However, once you're hooked, all categorization melts away.

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