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About Oded: Born in Israel, grew up in Philadelphia and New York City. Played in bands of many diverse genres, worked in music stores, wrote a lot of poetry, collected a lot of cd''s and records, survived many ups and downs, learned plenty and remember most, made friends, then got married, moved back to israel, started writing music for tv and film, had cute baby, and another on the way, joined a fat mofo and his company and had a miserable time, sued him for backpay, then joined media, publishing and production music library company as music consultant, and that''s where we are in my life story.

I love to hear and play Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Ethnic, Pop, New Age. I am attracted to intense and emotional music, dramatic and picturesque. I also have very often sounds and melodies of ethnic influences. From a very young age, I always associated pictures - real, or imagined - with the music i was hearing or listening to. Someday I believe i''ll succeed in gaining deserved recognition for composition. There are many unbelievably talented musicians in this world, on this site, but i''ve my own style and it''s worthy.

My main instrument is Percussion and Drums , and i Sing, and play Guitar and Keyboards.

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