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Leland Thomas Faegre

About Leland Thomas Faegre: I am part of the Landscape TV family, and have been heard by over 2 million listeners through the internet and a hugely popular satellite station on British Sky Channel 0155. My works are published by 'Pinnacles Records' in partnership with 'Pinnacles Entertainment Network' in a multi-CD arrangement.

Here is a description of some of the tracks you can find at Beatpick.com:
"'After You' is a sweaty-palmed swashbuckling rocker which invokes various thematic opportunities for film or television. It was mixed with an orchestra lay-out in mind, with tympani to the left, strings to the front, and brass behind. It features Flamenco guitar, castanets, tamboura, sitar, horns, sizzling electric guitars and a reversed cymbal crash [sounding like a knife being sharpened], which characterizes this dramatic tension-tinged track. "

'Together, Around the Sun' only had a working title until just before I went into final production, though I always had a celestial interpretation, a sort of divine guide throughout the creative process. The trumpet motif heard throughout the piece represents our infinite and circuitous planetary orbit as the quintessential living essence of our earthly experience. Slowly, the elegance and grandeur of its mission unfolds as cello, violin, French horn sections and various instrumental components join the elliptical journey.

"'Through a Rainbow' asks the listener to imagine its beauty as though one was witnessing its splendor for its naturally brief, yet spectacular duration. A choir, two cello sections, viola and French horn sections adorn this evocative impressionistic production, which also includes 'water droplets,' bursts of 'weather,' drums, fretless bass and harp..."

The introduction to 'Serengeti Serenade' features the Kudu [Antelope] horn described as having French horn characteristics. The Kudu or Antelope horn is also heard at the conclusion and is the hook of the production; African flute, kalimba and various sundry percussions in addition to African choral samples build ever so gradually during the bridge or 'middle eight.'

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