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Tobor Experiment

About Tobor Experiment: This is my first release for Beatpick label. The work has been realized with my prototype softwares. The album is a collection of digital soundscapes obtained from sound materials collected from radio sources (some of them are natural emissions), generative & traditional musical instruments, computer errata, digitally processed and organized as ambient music streams. Each soundscape has been processed and recorded live, without over-dubs, in order to mantain an “organic” vibrant nature. The result is an exotic and peaceful jurney into the realms of non-deterministic music. I've been teaching sound synthesis and history of technological music @ SAE Sound Engineers' College, after Engineer graduation in Italy. A few years later I've founded GLEETCHPLUG Design: my personal music software house. I've developed freeware VST/ RTAS plugins and stand-alone applications for Glitch music, ambient and sound design, that are constantly downloaded and used in 40 countries worldwide. My professional career includes jobs as mixer engineer for cinema productions (in THX mixing facilities), sound Engineering for Broadcast, DVD mastering, recording engineer and sound designer as well as video editor for television commercials.

My primary task in music production is the creation of new language forms through real experimentation and the development of tools conceived to be distrubuited on the internet. New languages require new instruments and paradigms, so my music is totally realized with self-made custom software. My interest in music technology and software development is focused on generative processes, digital errata and peculiar Digital Signal Processing. Such specialized architectures are planned to deconstruct the common statements related to music, software and mass production entertainment. The lack of MIDI protocols, keyboard logic, harmony and linear timeline sequentization is a part of the creative process. The music is conceived as a permutation process to obtain new complex digital sound structures as innovative forms of interaction, creation and composition which retains archetipal forms of organic behaviours. What does “tobor experiment” mean? It comes from two sci-fi B-Movies of 1950s: “Tobor the Great” (1954) and “The Quatermass Experiment” (1953).

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