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Tony Cash music licensing store
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Tony Cash

About Tony Cash: Tony Cash is perceived as one of the top, up and coming underground rap personalities, breathing a fresh breath into the whole Rap community, thanks to his wit and charisma.
This seasoned MC has broad appeal in the U.S., where his constant struggle with critics and artists alike are pushing him towards a major break: a well-deserved achievement, given his intellect and masterful presence.
Through his career he has continued to impressively evolve his skills over Mid-West charged beats and undeniable lyrical progression.
While maintaining credibility on the mic, Tony Cash has been evermore careful towards the opportunities that lie in Music Licensing Libraries, providing music for Television, Video Games, Radio and Film.
"Ripple Effect" is a magnificent example of the state of affairs in nowadays Post-Gangsta Hip Hop: heavily charged on the lyrical side and fully worthy of being considered Dr.Dre's heritage as far as production and arrangement goes. All those who love their Hip Hop raw and explicit need look no further.

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