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About Photon: Two provicials extravagating! While one of them is rooted in the depths of electronics, the other one pulls his energy out of Rock and Pop. The two of them and their worlds collide in Berlin due to their affection for music. Ever since producer Michael Night and singer TOE-ster as PHOTON melt their strengths into a unique mixture of pulsative beats and electrifying vocals. Eletctro-Pop at it's best!
Move your ass, Baby! This is what the motto of PHOTON could sound like. TOE-ster and Michael Night are producing the kind of electronic music, that get your legs dancing through the nights. Shortly after crossing their ways for the first time in 2004, PHOTON starts performing live and appearing on various radio stations. September 2006 PHOTON releases the compilation Phrase, featuring the songs about you, see the sun and the calling, available as 12 vinyl and worldwide digital download. Outside the studio PHOTON is on the road across Germany from Hamurg to Munich sharing their live-perfomance. Every single track of their music, from time to time leading well back into the eighties, is a new experiment without losing the focus. Everything bringing forward and keeps moving is allowed.

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