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Julia K

About Julia K: So perfectly does Julia Krystyna Krajewska embody the Spirit of Rock that we reckon she must have been carved from purest Warsaw granite sometime in the late Cretaceous period (well, sometime in the late 1970's anyway).

In fact, such is the depth of her rockularity that if she ever had to go under the knife, God forbid, we think that the surgeon would find the chords to "Purple Haze", or at the very least "Smells like Teen Spirit" tattooed throughout her gizzards like that other form of rock so popular in British culture. From the very first track you'll be *PICKED UP* and *SHAKEN* by the lapels, then *PINNED* to your chair by some mad invisible force (probably that of Julia's personality) and NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE until the track is over.

It’s not all thrash and anger though: the ballads are tender and moving, showing us that she is just human after all. Unless of course it’s all an act and she really is some sort of granite-based creature...

Taking her vocal influences from such rock monsters as P J Harvey and Chrissy Hynde, the music reflects the piano ballads of Kate Bush, the balls-out rock of Led Zep and the pop hooks of The Pretenders.

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