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James Pool music licensing store
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James Pool

About James Pool: I'm really into experimenting with as many things as I can find. Always trying to create new sounds. Futuristic, basic, traditional... anything from folk to tribal techno!

There is a place for every sound, every song and every creative impulse. I want to be able to tap into ALL of it. I never want to sound the same as my last creation. I want to paint a multi dimensional landscape with sound.’

James Pool does exactly that.. and in the process, his music strikes a deep chord which draws you in & makes you long to hear more!

Intelligent and edgy, a versatile master of many layers.. a seasoned composer/arranger/songwriter.. James is a consummate musician! Whichever avenue he chooses to explore... his music reflects his many years of dedication to his art and even better.. this guy is such a natural! He can hit the mark for a movie soundtrack... or take you on a more personal journey down a soul river on your iPod. Dive in! You’ll be glad you made this discovery...

James’s music has that special "je ne sais quoi" Always so unexpected, and refreshingly original” ~ Arin Roberts - Award winning radio programmer and producer

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