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Meagin Donovan

About Meagin Donovan: Meagin Donovan''s songs deliver a folk experience in a punk fusion vocal styling that is not only interesting but outrageously fantastic. Coupled with her acoustic rhythms, Meagin's songs will haunt you with a styling that is totally uninhibited and entertaining. The favorite on this six song ep is "Calling U Home". This song is beautifully done in all aspects of songwriting and performance. Other key tracks are "Didn't Mean To Die", "The Owner" and "Play". Each song on this ep has tremendous qualities in their own eclectic stylings. Leave your perceptions at the door and open your mind to a different kind of entertaining sounds that you will surely embrace. With great acoustic rhythms, passionate vocals and melodies that you will have trouble getting out of your head, you will experience a new dimension in music. Review Written by Bert Gagnon, Neon Productions Radio, Musictogousa.com

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