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Guney Ozsan music licensing store
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Guney Ozsan

About Guney Ozsan: Hi,

I am Guney Ozsan, a professional composer and producer. I compose contemporary classical music and produce mainstream genres such as rock, funk and electronic music.

I studied composition in Bilkent University which is notably the best music college in Turkey.

I had been playing keyboards for various popular and indie bands for ten years. I performed in more than 200 gigs playing jazz, rock/metal, soul, funk and R&B. So, I am pretty experienced in both "music in the school" and "music in the street" which provided me plenty of flexibility and vision. Now, I took a break from bands and producing two electronic albums of my own, each one with a different concept.

• Please let me know where you use your final work so that I can promote it through my channels and put it to my portfolio for mutual benefit.

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