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Shawn Davis

About Shawn Davis: Shawn Davis does more than just create music , he creates inspiration and the thing that keeps the world turning, his true existence, is his art form.

Shawn is based in South Florida and has devoted an extraordinary effort and passion in becoming an Electronic Dance Music DJ, producer and vocalist. Blessed with many talents, including modeling and responsible for wardrobe styling, hair, and makeup for other artists, he continues to push himself past all boundaries.

Shawn’s headline performances mob dance floors and pump crowds with wall-to-wall energy. His breakout remix of Stunt’s “Raindrops” was an instant hit and since its release in 2005 his popularity has spiraled. Shawn Davis has dropped two CD releases since then, “Emotions on the Dance Floor” and “The Games We Played.” Plus, producing numerous hit singles and continues to perform live throughout the Gulf Coast. He creates original tracks, remixes, and works with some of the hottest vocalists in the industry such as, Amber Anderson aka Serenity, Brittany Lynn, Keely, Sarah Dixon, and also Jeremiah Pagan (From Season 1 of the X Factor).

Shawn is experienced with songwriting techniques, writing catchy vocals and specializing in vocal engineering: editing, compressing and special effects. His focus is bringing the best feature of a vocal to the front of the track and taking listeners on a journey of emotion, telling stories through lyrics that are unique and passionate.

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