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Benn DeMole

About Benn DeMole: (Please note that all pieces with * are loopable tracks of 1 and 2 minutes. I am very happy to develop these pieces into full tracks if required.)

Benn DeMole is a composer, producer, musician, vocalist, & audio engineer based in Sydney, Australia, who periodically travels the world finding inspiration in other cultures and localities. He has produced 5 solo albums since he started composing in the early 1990s, composing, performing, recording, mixing and designing the artwork. He uses computers for programming, sampling, manipulating and combining sounds he finds and captures as well as ones he creates with voice, tenor saxophone, keyboards, didgeridoo and any other musical or non-musical object that comes to hand.
During the past 6 years Benn has been composed and sound designed for 4 full-length physical theatre productions and several shorter dance pieces and short films as well as collaborating on a variety of other live shows. Benn releases his music on the label Um Records. He also sings with world music choir Voices from the Vacant Lot and is half of Hip Hop Pop band VOA.
When Benn is not composing, performing or recording he loves dancing Contact Improvisation, doing Qi Gung and Tensegrity, reading and being with his young son. He is glad to no longer be a builder, as his professional recording studio, Studio Soundsbent is now complete!

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