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Quiet Noise

About Quiet Noise: I have worked with the BBC, ITV and Signal Films. My compositions under the pseudonym 'Quiet Noise' are played out regularly on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Wales. I am also the producer for American hip-hop artists Visionary Brotherhood.

Big organic beats and wide warped bass are the walking feet of my tracks. Twinkling melodies and shimmering textures etch out their journey. This is the backbone of the Quiet Noise operation, but I am never shy of wandering off the path.

Customising a battered and beautiful old drum kit to sonic perfection took me three years. It is the thumping heart of Quiet Noise Studio. Next to it sits a chest of drawers overflowing with small instruments and noisy children’s toys. Each draw is labelled accordingly: Ring, jingle, chime; Click, clatter, clack; Pluck, ting, sing.

A carefully arranged selection of AKG and Shure microphones are the ears of Quiet Noise Studio, while a Peavey desk through an Akai 7 band EQ are the brain. I am careful with my ears, but I abuse my brain. I cram all sorts into it - FX units that haven’t been made since the 1990’s, keyboards that haven’t been made since the 1980’s and spoons through a wah wah pedal.

I take my arrangements and mixes seriously. Audible space in a listener’s head in infinite - recorded audio must be positioned carefully in that space.

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