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About CoMa: "CoMa, creates off-kilter pop music from her base in the bucolic countryside of Somerset. The region is mostly known stateside for the Neolithic artifact Stonehenge, but CoMa may be its newest cultural manifestation to make a splash. Easy melodies and deep bass create atmospheric conditions like the moments before a severe thunderstorm never comes. It’s beautiful music, full of deeply personal poetry and classical elements. Tinges of military roughness, English pomp, and folksy guitars fuel an anti-genre sentimentality that pervades all of her music. Her voice quavers like Jewel’s speak-sing and awkwardly gorgeous aspirations and breaks. It’s unplugged, honest, and quirky." - Who's Afraid of Music (Blog)

"CoMa’s attention to detail knows no bounds, incorporating a variety of lush percussive sounds, only to better establish a frigid, distant, airy atmosphere." - sublvl (blog)"

Nicole started her first dubstep project by collaborating on numerous tracks with Obsidia. Their song Beautiful just broke 1 Million Views on August 26, 2012. She has worked with 16bit, Feint, Sorrow, Koda and More with support from Mt Eden, Bassnectar, Adventure Club, Patrick Reza, Klaypex, David Hiller and more. She is one artist to keep your eyes peeled on this year.

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