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About Fraternity: Fraternity were formed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in early 1970 by John Bisset on keyboards, Tony Buettel on drums, Bruce Howe on bass guitar and vocals, and Mick Jurd on lead guitar. The band relocated to Adelaide in 1971 and made this their home base. The band recorded their debut single, "Why Did It Have to Be Me?" which was issued on the Sweet Peach label in October 1970. Howe was looking for a lead vocalist and called on his good friend Bon Scott, whose group The Valentines had just disbanded They signed a management agreement with Nova Agencies who also managed Sydney rockers, Blackfeather and their guitarist John Robinson would often jam with Fraternity. The band quickly began touring and early gigs were at Jonathon's Disco on Broadway in Sydney.

The band developed a cult following and their parties at their new digs at the Myponga Farmland up in the Adelaide Hills became legends that are still told to this day. The band supported many leading acts from the period including Status Quo, Black Sabbath, FREE, Chain, Canned Heat, and became the requested band of choice for all international acts that played Adelaide from 1971 to 1974.

They were ahead of their time and are now reverred as one of Australia's greatest prog rock bands. We hope that you enjoy this album and discover the vocal powers of Bon Scott during his prog rock days with Fraternity.

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