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Guarded Jungle

About Guarded Jungle: A lot has been said for what is considered “a comfortable place.” Once in a while a group comes along that breaks this common mold. Guarded Jungle clearly speaks to all who wish to experience a fresh new way to a musical difference. They put a new spin on Indie, Alternative and Rock.
They beg their souls to write the music giving us that perfect place.
Guarded Jungle consists of:
Penny – vocals, backup vocals, drums, keyboard
Ken – guitar, bass, backup vocals
Both write, perform, produce, engineer and master all songs
Our female lead vocalist refuses to sing like a girl and insists on variable vocal pitches to match the depth of her soul. A guitar player, Ken found a way to incorporate his sound to be a driving force in their music. Be sure to notice the intricate drum tracks permeating their music.
They have a love for music - any song- anywhere - they will define the way music fits in anywhere. Guarded Jungle is known as the ultimate music maker - performing in their studio (all vocals and instrumentals), mixing - creating the world of a perfect place.
You can hear their music on regular rotation on NBT Music radio.

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