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About Sonoman: Multi-instrumentalist (acoustic & electric guitar, quena, pan flute, charango, bass, drums, harmonica, saxophone, different kinds of percussions, synthesizer), song-writer, composer, performer and arranger of music in different styles such as: South American folk, rock, pop, new age, electronic-lounge, and recently in classical music, Lucky Luciano currently composes and performs electro-acoustic music under the artistic name of Sonoman.

As part of this project he plays mostly the acoustic guitar accompanied by beats and other instruments, churning out of this blend music that has been reviewed as 'relaxing, intriguing and hypnotic', among other adjectives. Sonoman's music is actually a mix of different styles, which comes as a result from his exposure to different music styles, product of his living in different worlds in different periods of his life (Southamerica, USA, and Europe for the last five years)

Lucho (as his friends know him) currently works in a Belgian energy company, involved in different projects, mostly in the marketing and strategy lines of business. Simultaneously, he is concentrating on developing his artistic career, studying classical music theory and classical guitar at the E.Hollebroek music school in the city of Gentbrugge (Belgium)

He also plays teams up ocasionally with other musicians for live performances or studio sessions.

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