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Chocolate Butterfly

About Chocolate Butterfly : With a name as distinctive and unique as Chocolate Butterfly, you would probably assume that the Berkeley, Calif., native’s music style and sound would be just as unique and distinctive as his name. And you’d assume correctly. Growing up in an area where innovative music, particularly funk and soul, is embraced and cradled like a loving child, it should come as no surprise that Chocolate Butterfly is ready to serve notice and ascend the Bay Area’s music pantheon that’s reserved for such legends as Sly Stone, Frankie Beverly & Maze, the Whispers, Tower of Power, Confunkshun and Tony Toni Tone. Chocolate Butterfly’s goal is simple, yet complex in this day and age where record labels and the music industry in general seem to have a hidden agenda. “I just want to make good music without the politics and let the people decide,” says Xavier, Chocolate Butterfly’s producer and founder of Blackball Universe, the L.A.-based label to which Chocolate Butterfly is signed. “The music takes care of itself and everything else in the long run.”
Chances are you’ve seen Chocolate Butterfly lead vocalist Winston Black on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno or on BET’s Planet Groove. Or maybe you remember Black on tour with the Time, De La Soul, Arrested Development or Cameo. But that was another time and another incarnation of the artist before he hooked up with Xavier and before he had a vision that would change his life forever. “My ideas usually come to me in my dreams,” Black says. “I was thinking of what direction I wanted to take my music and I had this dream of a butterfly.” For anyone who’s taken time to notice, to view a butterfly hovering around in nature is to witness beauty, freedom and spontaneity. After receiving his vision, Black instantly thought of how a butterfly masterfully changes direction in mid-air and wanted his music to reflect the butterfly’s flight pattern. “And I wanted the music to be both sexy and urban, so I added ‘chocolate’ to it. And the rest is history.” Not long after his dream, Black hooked up with Xavier, another Berkeley native who had moved to Los Angeles and was making a name for himself in the music industry in his own right. The two found they both shared the same vision and they decided to work together. What they came up with is a self-titled instant classic that leaps off the music Richer-Scale by skillfully paying homage to past soul and funk legends while blazing a narrow path to funk and soul music’s future.
To put it mildly, Chocolate Butterfly is a plush and unassuming walk through the sonic garden of love, relationships and life lived. IT is an astonishingly complete and fresh package from extremely talented voice and musicianship. It is sophisticated and captures the essence of Stevie Wonder and early Prince while serving up tasteful dishes of timeless greats such as the Isley Brothers and Parliament/Funkadelic, while conjuring up memories of the Time and the System. With its scintillating guitar licks and solos, (Beautifully played by guitarist Masa Kohama.) thumping soul bass and grooving funk synth lines, Chocolate Butterfly is an album that combines 60’s and 70’s soul vocals with the funk of the 70’s and 80’s, spliced with elements of contemporary blues and psychadelic rock with just a hint of hip hop. It’s a refreshing music gumbo that Black describes as “Eclectic Funk”.
Black has no reservations about going against the grain of today’s monotonous R&B being played on urban stations across the country. In fact, it’s what both Black and Xavier were attempting when they put Chocolate Butterfly together. “I’m just going for what I deem cool, from what’s in my heart,” Black says. “I wanted to be honest with the delivery and for the music to be honest.” After listening to Chocolate Butterfly and becoming seduced and entranced by its erotic, soulful funk, you’ll find that Black succeeded in his goal.

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