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Chivas Kimber music licensing store
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Chivas Kimber

About Chivas Kimber: Chivas Kimber born Feb. 3, 1984. This young man was born and bred amongst musicians since an early age. His parents realized his talents and immediately placed him in church choir. Over the years Chivas was engulfed by the many attributes and contrasts of different genres of music. He was ridiculed for listening to anything outside of his peers genre of music. By him being a military brat he started realizing that there was more to life than just the culture that he was brought up in. So his parents moved him from his home in Phenix City, Alabama to Killeen Tx. There he would meet a different form of music and a totally different culture. After only a year in Texas he would soon learn that he would be moving not to another state, but another country entirely. Picking up the knowledge he gained in Texas he began his journey to lands unknown. 10 hour flight later he would be in his new home for 4 years Germany. Not knowing the language or any of their customs he felt totally out of place; but that would soon change.Meeting other artists not just from Germany or America, but artist from Holland, Czech, France etc..... After only 3 years he would move to Orlando Fla. Once again he was slapped in the face by Latin culture.From Orlando back to Germany, he began spending time in Holland. He was introduced to the well known dance culture. There he would find a new sound that compelled him. This would be a sound that would strengthen his music entirely!

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