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Conscious Youths

About Conscious Youths: "We're Conscious Youths 'cos we're “C” ""Y""...Time to ‘See Why’”
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is hip-pop music tinged with an added reggae flavour.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is freedom sounds - rhymes of these chaotic times.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is - if you will - ""thinking man's rap"" in this era of meaningless bling-bling and hateful animosity.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS deals with real issues.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is a blast of positive energy, an army of Love amongst masses of haters, a beacon of light in pitch-black darkness.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS consists of three MCs with three different styles; Mr Singh aka CapeNape, Redrama and Paleface along with special guest Promoe featured on three songs. All recognized in their own right.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is like a giant yin-yang-symbol in four parts, with each member bringing something unique to the table, making the emblem whole.
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is one purpose. Meaningful music with a heart-felt message and an explosive live-show
CONSCIOUS YOUTHS is something else.

A recent web posting hailed them this way “Paleface, Redrama, Mr.Singh (and Promoe) have joined forces! The result is like an urban version of Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young)! The microphone switches hands smoothly as the speakers emanate four individual vocal styles on top of bass-heavy rhythm tracks. Each MC comes through rock solid and versatile, making the C.Y. cipher complete.

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