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Elly Wininger

About Elly Wininger: “To Paraphrase Duke Ellington: ‘She’s Beyond Category.’ She’s first and foremost – a songwriter, since all but one track are self penned. Here humor shines through on both the leadboff track “Housewife from Hell” and the self-deprecating “”I Can’t Help It If I’m White”. She’s got a style for everyone from blues to“New Country” to Latin pop: “Downtown Serenade” could be a hit single on CHR radio! There’s something for everyone on this disc. It’s multi-genre from a multitalented artist.” ~Steve Ramm, “Anything Phonographic” "Wininger has a way with words and infectious melodies....the moving 'Next Year' is a stunning standout...'Macroids' is a sparkling instrumental..."~David Malachowski, Daily Freeman. “Judy Whitfield lent me her copy of Back Eddy Blues to listen to, and wow! Really good! For example, Loser's Game is one of those songs where you swear you know it and say to yourself, "It's great to hear that one again, been a long time." I guess it's just some kind of weird luck that you ever hit on a tune that feels that way on first hearing.” ~Spider Barbour, Ulster Publishing.

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