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About Sessomorte: The music of Sessomorte is primarily Electronica, but with organic, vibrant vocal and instrumental performances. An eclectic blend of styles and influences, it is difficult to categorize, but easy to enjoy. This vision is, as was born in the late night musical wanderings of their youth, a continuing chronicle of expressive and authentic personal experience and introspection. Sessomorte’s aim is to convey deep emotion from within the somewhat abstract but limitless framework of synth-based music, marrying to electronica the stirring vulnerability of live instruments.

Captivating and compelling, ethereal yet primal, it is music of intense passion and sensuality, running the gamut of moods and feelings. The threads of disparate influences are artfully woven into lush aural tapestries. Liliko’s voice is a hot, brilliant flame dancing upon the dark but melodic sonic landscapes. This music is at times intense and mid/up-tempo, and at other times down-tempo, dreamy, dark and contemplative.

Sessomorte began in 2001 when a musician/ aspiring producer met a world-renowned Olympic athlete/ aspiring vocalist in a karaoke bar! The two began writing and recording what would eventually become “Visceral” (2007), recorded over four years through day jobs, night schools, physical injuries and romantic catastrophes…

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