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About Marsman: Ambient music with a little hip-hop flavour here and there.. You can also here some influences of Radiohead's album Kid A and there are also influences of Air. Potentialy Grey is music to just sit back and listen to..

As you can read my English is not so well.. That's probably because I'm from Holland and I get bad grades in English class, hehe. I also cooperate with Dutch rappers. When I do, I like to make hiphop that's not hiphop at all. An example of that is my collaboration with Bene. You can check some of our works out here: http://www.myspace.com/benemarsman

I don't follow a particular genre.. Sometimes I make a sort of drum n bass, sometimes I make a jazzy song and sometimes I make a poppy song.. And yes, sometimes, when I'm inspirationless, I make crap. It doesn't matter to me what genre I make, as long as it sounds good (what probably isn't the case when I'm making crap), I'm happy.

Anyway.. If you like my music on my page here and you want to here more of the same sort of music, I'll upload some other songs too.


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