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Clipe Sexo Amador

About Clipe Sexo Amador: CLIPE SEXO AMADOR is something a bit left of centre, a bit quirky, curious and intriguing. Under the pseudonym of CLIPE, Jamie Dodd; a sound technology graduate creates his electro music with vintage Casio keyboards and modified children’s toys, but he is not like Bristol’s infamous Kid Carpet, he is, well, I’ll let the man himself tell you what you need to know:

“CLIPE SEXO AMADOR is the creative outcome of a pound keyboard and too much time that could have been spent on doing something productive. Lyrically deep and grammatically incorrect, CLIPE SEXO AMADOR is for anyone who has ever been to Poundland and seen the potential of what just one pound can get you.”

The self confessed ‘Rick Wakeman of the Casio generation’ originally started CLIPE as a hobby, but after constant pestering from a whole gallimaufry of different sources and a conversation with his flatmate after too much ‘buy one get one free beer’ he decided to show the world that there is such a genre as ‘Poundland funk lo-fi guitar pop’.

All the cool kids like it. So should you. They even want it on Hollyoaks bizarrely enough.

Listen and check out his video on his myspace page: www.myspace.com/clipe

“The geek that everyone secretly fancies” - PIXzine

For more information please contact Simon.pursehouse@sentricmusic.com 07891184267

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