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Perished Faith

About Perished Faith: Perished Faith is a solo electronic experiment started in September 2005.
Each tune wanting to become something more, something much more.
Using story lines locked in my mind, stories created through experiences and wanting a rhythm to flow with.
These experiments are what bubbled forth.

I was first introduced to dance music 12 years old. A friend of our family had a son who was DJing for fun and well I wanted to learn. No one told me I needed "special" equipment. With time I forgot about it but still loved electronic music.
Much later on a close friend of mine introduced me to Fruity Loops and so I played around with it.
In 2005 I had much free time with my life, well kind of and so played more with FruityLoops and had a great time.
And so Perished Faith came to be.

Why Perished Faith?
Truthfully I don't know what it has to do with music, it has nothing to do with music and everything about my faith. My faith and belief in everything. To me each track although lacking in lyrics are chapters to stories in this life and if I had one , my past life.
I want the listeners to feel and try to imagine whats going on as each story unfolds.

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