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Love Gangsters

About Love Gangsters: Let me introduce you the origin of LOVE GANGSTERS. Since I''d been a little boy I was keen on being a star on a music field. I was shared in a lot of music bands without any success. There''s no other way than to keep on looking for... But suddenly the April 5th, 2001 is coming and there''s a concert in a certain club in our town - Ceske Budejovice. Such normal day - wake up in the morning, have some breakfast, go to work, come home at 6 p.m., make love with mygirlfriend, get stoned and let''s rock''n roll. The club was full as my balls. The sound was terrible, so I went to the bar to have some shots. It was about 2:30 a.m. when I met a person who I had known just superficial. I knew he had been playing in ''no name'' bands. Just formal ''hi'', ''what''s up?'', ''do you play in some band?'' and suddenly we found that none of us had nothing special to do - that pissed us off. I told him I would like to play pop (80''s matched for both of us) - he agreed and nodded his pumpkin. He told me he had an automatic drummer and a guitar (nothing of these left today). I was so happy that I jumped 10 ft high - I hate drummers as people - so he does. I made up the name of the band - LOVE GANGSTERS - he stared at me and thought about me - stupid asshole. But he was enthusiastic. He gave me his cell phone number, so did I and we found that we had the same phone - NOKIA 3110 and the same ringing tone (#2) - it was unbelievable. We talked about Czech bands, which sucks, so we got thrashed and left home.

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