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Hanna jahanforooz music licensing store
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Hanna jahanforooz

About Hanna jahanforooz: Hanna is a singer, song writer and musician.
She was born in Tehran- Iran,and continue to live there four more years after the Islamic revolution, till she was 12 years old. As a child in Iran she sang for the iyatoolot (Islamic religion ministers) and in Israel Hanna keeps this burning desire of music.
Throughout the years, she learned vocal tutoring based on opera, theater acting, movie acting and became a professional artist.
Her art is influenced from Farsi (Persian) music, soul, opera, ethnic and world music.
She is singing in Persian language, Hebrew, English and Spanish language.
Hanna created her own unique and personal style, a combination of oriental Farsi music from the east and western influences. With her broad vocal range, Hanna performs both folk songs and improvisations, and her songs have proved capable of deeply moving audiences. Hanna cooperated with local and European musicians, who create world & ethnic music.
Hennas main dream is let her voice to be heard over the seas, and to continue bringing joy and happiness to people from all over the world.


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