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Blank Page

About Blank Page: “Blank Page” is a hot, new band that guarantees a full sound and a roster of potential hits. Based in Moncton, New Brunswick, “Blank Page” includes band mates Neil McWilliam and Sean Ryan. These two accomplished musicians are certainly no strangers to the Atlantic music scene. Both have toured extensively throughout Eastern Canada. Fans will undoubtedly remember their former band “Sounds of Silence”. Their consistently solid vocal performance, strong stage presence, and panache for emotional lyrical detail have garnered Neil and Sean an already established and loyal fan base.

They are currently fine tuning a brand new album that includes three songs designated for immediate radio release. While the boys have redefined their sound in the evolution of “Blank Page”, mostly in the form of enhanced production and more polished vocals, they have remained true to the basic formula that made their previous releases so popular. Neil and Sean describe the sound of “Blank Page” as "melodic driven acoustic music backed with powerful vocal harmonies and lyrical content.” They promise both current and new fans exciting new material with solid live performances to back it up.

Make no mistake; “Blank Page” knows what music fans want to hear and they are ready to establish their musical mark!


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