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About IDENTiTY: IDENTiTY is an alt/indie rock band from Richmond, VA. The band has quickly gained a strong, loyal following playing both large and small venues from Baltimore, MD to Virginia Beach, VA.
IDENTiTY has cultivated a unique sound and style pulling influence from artists such as Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Sublime, The Clash, and Bob Dylan. The band concentrates on strong melodies and catchy rhythms, creating songs that are simple, memorable and contain intelligent and interesting lyrics. The band creates the music that they want to hear, music that evokes an emotion and truly expresses the way they feel. They focus on making music that rocks instead of trying to be overly technical, or trying to fit in with whatever trend is going on at the time.
The band was formed in May 2005 when songwriter, Mike McKinley expressed interest to his friend Justin Tanner about starting a band. He then recorded a demo at Justin's apartment. Justin played the demo for local drummer and friend Chris Salyer. Chris loved the demo and began playing music with Mike. Soon after the two began auditioning bassists. After a long string of auditions Chris invited his long time friend Randy Allen to play bass and IDENTiTY was born. Steve Owen replaced Randy in summer 2006. Geeh replaced Steve in fall 2006. Schas Sapless replaced Geeh in early 2007 due to the geographic distance between Geeh and the rest of the band.
Two years and four bassists later the band is now played on indie and Internet radio stations from coast to coast as well as over seas. They have done two TV performances, and have been offered two international distribution deals to date.

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