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About Manitario: WHO ARE MANITARIO?

In the past Year Manitario has managed to open for national touring act’s like Dick Dale, The Beautiful Girls, La Severa Matacera, play countless other shows, receive college radio airplay, appear in local press, ink sponsorship deals, place songs on a compilation CD, in pod casts, in ring tones and in a radio commercial. And all of this, from a band who’s only released recorded material is a demo CD the result of one of the band’s early weekend jam sessions.

Manitario has drawn comparisons to Sublime, The Police and Bob Marley with five members: Adam Shilton, Damon Bell, Jason Bell, Ron Bell, Patrick Sullivan with influences from Reggae, Rock, Punk, Soul and Dub they have found their own style of music, which is infectious, fun loving and danceable.

Their live show appeals to audiences of all ages as their sound has a “classic” quality, combined with the fact they are great friends who love to play music together: Adam says “It’s Family at this point. There’s nobody I can see playing music with outside of them anymore.” Their camaraderie on and off stage has become it’s own show endearing them to audiences making them on of the hottest new acts from Victoria.


The name is a one-word definition of the dynamic within the group; 3 of its members hail from Manitoba and the other 2 from Ontario. The band saw it self constantly getting split by opinion about: politics, music, hockey, beer, and just life in general along the lines of where they grew up. They liked that the name was undeniable “Canadian” and that when it was coined other people just didn’t get it thoughts that it was to “local” or “regional” prevailed. The name has become like the nickname someone gives you that you hate but everyone continues to call you buy, but in this case it was the band’s light hearted nature that led them to do it to themselves.


“WITH IT’S “UNDENIABLE CANADIAN” name, ska/reggae group Manitario has taken Victoria by Storm.”

“With the distinctive clipped off-beats that are so characteristic of reggae, Manitario’s music is eminently dance-able.” – Focus Magazine

“An infectious vocal hook and rhythmic groove validates this ska/reggae offering. The performance is so live sounding I could see smoke rising from my PC monitor and I had to burn incense because I was afraid the neighbors would get high and catch my buzz.” – Garage Band

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