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Steve Wilson music licensing store
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Steve Wilson

About Steve Wilson: "Steve Wilson is one of those artists just waiting to be found by some big fat A&R rep..... lets just hope they don't corrupt his class style... 10/10" - Mp3 Unsigned.com

Fan of Dave Mathews? John Mayer? James Blunt? If you are, then you're no stranger to the heart-tugging ballads and emotions that accompany what singer/songwriters do best...sing great songs.
Steve Wilson sings and writes great songs. Songs that you feel inside. Songs that make you want to press the "back" button on your CD player and listen again. Songs that you want to sing along with and find yourself singing to yourself when there is no music around.
The youngest son of a career military man and a British mother, Steve saw the world (literally) from a unique perspective. Entering the Army as a young man, he saw it again.
Though his travels took him around the world, Steve considers himself a Texan; he started his music career in and around Dallas.

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