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Chris W James music licensing store
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Chris W James

About Chris W James: Chris W James has been writing and recording songs for over 16 years.
Starting in 1992 with different projects for Richard Shipley jr, a local Baltimore film maker who now resides in Las Vegas. Also, various other movie soundtracks and film, notably wrestler Big Poppa Pump's workout DVD, which is currently in the works for late 2009 release.
If you see no songs here that fit your particular tastes, but you like the sound, Chris specializes in meeting with clients, and getting a real personal feel for the client and delivering well thought out songs that fit perfectly with the theme of the project. You will not get "cookie cutter" music from a songmill.
The songs listed are a collection of songs written over the years. Chris is foremost a diverse songwriter, and just really enjoys the challenge to record the things going on in his head and heart, and the creative process of making the song from start to finished studio product.
Take a listen and you will hear a diverse universe of sight and sound. Different themes, styles and a creative passion for music is what you will find with Chris W James.

Chris does not take on every client, as to have a creative passion for a particular project takes a certain feel and sometimes the song just won't work, but can refer you to a another musician or organization if we find we can not work together.

"Conventionality Wallows in Mediocrity"
~Chris W James

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