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Reginald Lee music licensing store
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About Reginald Lee: Education: High School - O.D. Wyatt, 4253 Seminary Dr., Fort Worth, Texas.
My graduation date May 12, 1976 with honors. College - Tarrant County Junior
College South Campus. From September 1976 - June 1980 as a part-time music
Student, on a music scholarship. Major Studies: Theory, Composition & Performance.
Private instructors were James Eddy and Leonard A. McConnick, for piano and

Work Experience:
Guitar & Piano - O.D. Wyatt Stage Band
Soul Explosion Band
Bert Cross Ensemble
Gospel Southern Tones
T.C.J.C. Stage Band
Fort Worth Public School Orchestra (bass violin)]
O.D. Wyatt Performing Choir (voice)
Community Cable Television "Outreach Ministries"
Golden Gate Church Choir (Guitarist)
Community Outreach Pastor
BMI registered songwriter
Web site- www. backstagecommerce.com -The Psalmist.

Engagements Music Ensembles
Ridglea Coutry Club Fort Worth Public School Orchestra
Woodhaven Country Club Upstreet Band
Tarrant County Convention Center Tarrant County Junior College Jazz Band
Jeny Thomas Television Show
Caravan of Dreams

1987 Texas Wesleyan-Elizabeth Means Armstrong Scholar

Special SkiIls
Guitarist, Actor, Songwriter

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