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Chris Lum music licensing store
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Chris Lum

About Chris Lum: As a producer Lum has quietly amased a large catalogue in the last 5 years. Fans of his music appreciate the ever-present funk that he brings to his craft. Tracks or songs, he manages to keep the dance floor aesthetic in tact. A peek into his discography reveals some the hottest underground cuts of the last few years. Records like "Big Tool" on Tango have been staples in the crates of today's biggest DJ's. Other titles such as his 2003 Grammy nominated remix of Jill Scott's "He Loves Me", are destined to be played for the next decade. In an age of hype, trend and purchased celebrity, Lum prides himself on being an artist with the ability to remain true to his roots while demonstrating commercial viability. Listen to his works and you will hear the influences that fuel his creativity. Funk, Afro-Latin, R&B and New Wave stylings give his work a unique place in this unique industry. In addition to his abilities as a producer, Lum is also a songwriter. As a music lover, he understands what a good and honest song can do to people's souls. It is the marriage of these two components that will ensure Lum a consistent place in the minds of an ever-restless market.
As a DJ, Lum has proven that his sound can move crowds of all sizes. Spanning the globe in recent years, he has soaked in various dance floor cultures like a sponge. His skills have placed him in front of crowds in the UK, Spain, France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. Lum has been a working DJ for 15 years and in that time has seen many sounds come and go. But one thing always remains the same, people love rhythm, movement and to just have fun: which is the exact vibe he brings to each set he has played. Whether it is at The Southport Weekender in the UK, Field Day and Home nightclub in Sydney or Ministry Of Sound in London, Lum has always dropped music that makes people want to dance and that HE himself feels. Throughout the 15 years he's been involved in the culture of dance music, Chris has diversified his skill sets and palette beyond DJing and producing. A six year stint as the buyer at BPM records, then San Franciscos only dance music retail outlet, gave Chris the understanding of what the buying public go for and what professionalism is worth in this industry.

In addition to enginnering and producing for a variety of San Francisco producers and dj's, Lum has also recently launched a music production course called EMC2 (The Electronic Music Creation Center) Running in Melbourne Australia and soon to launch at the world renowned Moulton Studios, Lum is seeing the the fruits of his labour culminate in his calling...To inspire and be inspired by the future generations of electronic music. A community that has given Lum many blessings since he started livng in it.

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