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Idan Rabinovici music licensing store
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Idan Rabinovici

About Idan Rabinovici: Idan Rabinovici possesses a unique voice and a unique talent. A classically trained musician, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Idan's story is one of travel and self-discovery. A childhood that saw him moving between Israel and America also saw him develop a fascination with music of all kinds, from the blues to jazz, via early rock 'n' roll and folk. A precociously talented classical pianist, Idan's musical abilities were further developed over time. His love for a wide variety of music led him to pick up an equally wide variety of instruments and adopt an equally wide variety of styles. By the age of ten, Idan was composing his own songs, recording them onto a battered cassette player and passing the tapes to anyone who would accept them.

Becoming disillusioned with the rigid world of classical music, Idan left Tel Aviv at the age of fifteen in order to study in Wales, of all places. Time spent away from music only reinforced his love of it – though this love had to be expressed away from the boundaries of a classical education. Conscription to the Israeli army forced him to move once again. It was whilst serving in the military, however, that Idan picked up a guitar and began to pour out an amazing wealth of emotions, capturing them in the form of songs. Intensely personal and honest, and yet universal at the same time, these are songs grounded in a nomadic tradition. An artist searching for a sense of belonging, for a connection with an ever changing world.

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