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About BLU3: As a youth Young Blue experienced poverty first hand. "In my opinion, everyone experiences it at some point in their life." Trials and tribulations will certainly do one of two things to a person; either make them or break them. In Blue's case, it's making him. "My struggle molded me into the young man I am today. It was beneficial you can say. It forced me to grow up quickly." His lyrics definitely reflect his times of growth. Blue feels his reason for living is to educate the public through his music. "I'm not here because my mother wanted a child. I'm here because I'm on a higher mission. And, that mission is to change lives through the rap game, and speak to my generation through my music." Blue feels expression through music is made for him. "Plus, I'm lyrically sick, and that's going to be a problem for doctors and the Webster's Dictionary to fix." Just a quick peek at his lyrical thought process. Blue will not come into the game, and be your everyday artist. It seems that rap needs new breeds now more than ever. Blue possesses versatility, swagger, and originality. "Old artists are fading away, and new artist are coming in trying to imitate them." But, Blue is a breath of fresh air. That's a fact. "My hard times have helped me create my hard lines." The definition of "the hood" is being misinterpreted. The hood is not just every street corner in the bad part of town. One of the lines in a song that Blue wrote says it all. "I live a struggle of a life / I've been out the hood, but the money still ain't right." His perception of the hood is based on individuals that aren't or can't stay financially stable. It's based on the kid at home, feeding himself because his mother doesn't get home from work until five in the morning. The hood is that person without a mother or father figure, so they look towards the streets for guidance and survival. It's an area or household with the "project mentality." Blue has been out the hood for several years, the physical part of it anyway. The dirty buildings, crazy neighbors, out of control landlord, and the "around the corner" mom and pop stores. But, don't think that his struggle is over. "It won't break me, its just making me a stronger person." Music is his way of expression. It's his therapy. "It's the air I breathe. With my music, you're going to hear the negative and the positive. You're going to hear the struggle. You'll hear about life told directly, from my point of view. Why? Because I'm music, and music is me."

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