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Thawed Out Productions music licensing store
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Thawed Out Productions

About Thawed Out Productions: In the spring of 2005, two aspiring producers got together and formed Thawed Out Productions in Minneapolis, MN. Hailing from the Twin Cities, Thawed Out has grown from an unknown company to a sought out original music production team that focuses on original music. Starting out, their big dream was to eventually hear their music hits over the radio. After a few years in the industry, their dreams and goals have developed into wanting to do more with their original music than just working with artists.

Currently looking to provide music for:

* Television shows
* Television advertisements
* Radio ads
* Background radio music
* Films
* Homemade videos
* Websites
* Sports Arenas
* Parties
* Mix tapes
* Albums
* Cartoons
* Department Stores

Doesn't matter what type of project you are working on;

If you're looking for original instrumental music, Thawed Out

can provide you with exactly what you're looking for.







Equipment that Thawed Out Productions uses:

Reason 3.0
ProTools LE


Triton Keyboard

Yamaha PSR 294 Keyboard

2 PC's

“Bang Bang” by The Streetkingz

“Droppin' Dimes” by Battlezone

“Push Whatever” by MN Fats

“You's a Bitch” by MN Fats

“Heavy Rotation” by Rob Fame

“Penitentiary” by Rob Fame

“Say What” by Yung Truth and Young June

“I'm Fresh” by Young June and Punchiz

“Ride with Me” by Cooley Cash

“Tick Tock” by Cooley Cash

“Gangsta” by Phase One

“Brain Food” by Ripz The Huligan

“Till the Roof Come Off” by Take 2

“Do You Like That?” by Take 2

“Fantasy” by Self Made Records

“Music We Make” by Bmitch

“Summertime” by Wood1

“Here They Come” by Wood1

“The Only Way” by Wood1

“Round 1” by D-Sota

“You Ain't Doin Nothing” by D-Sota

“A Strenuous Journey” by Tragedy and Triumph

“Eenie Meenie” by Tragedy and Triumph

“Explosive” by Tragedy and Triumph

“Mind Over Muscle” by Tragedy and Triumph

“Supply and Demand” by Tragedy and Triumph

“Where It's At” by Tragedy and Triumph
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