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Derrick Thomas

About Derrick Thomas: What’s to be said about a man like Derrick Thomas? Well, He is a man who does things his own way. It might not be the right way but somehow he still manages to get the job done. Normally a person who wants to become a rocker goes out and finds a band to back him. Not Derrick Thomas. No sir!D.T. is The Band! Not only does he play guitar and sing but he plays the drums as well!!

Derrick Thomas is the one-man band hailing from Dodge Town NY. Growing up in a town with as much as one stoplight and a bunch of cows to keep young lad occupied, D.T. had to find away to pass the time. At the age of fifteen he picked up the guitar and never looked back. Driven by the pure love of music he spent all his waking hours creating it. To help himself out he enrolled for a short time at Berklee College of Music. While there he studied under some of the World’s finest musicians. D.T. left Berklee after a year to pursue his aspirations.

He built his style loosely on what he learned at Berklee and combined it with the simple observations of everyday trials and tribulations. His music has many different influences, but relies heavily upon blues and folk to get his message across. Some of the styles are worn on his sleeves and others are deeply hidden within his under garments. He likes to leave it up to the audience to be the judge.

D.T.’s goal is to bring back a sense of realness; creativeness and musicianship back to the music. Bottom line: Forget about being famous and focus on the art.

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