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About Neurosonic: NEUROSONIC emerged from the Vancouver rock scene in early 2006. As driven and unapologetic as its creator, the music of Neurosonic bears its own blend of fierce vigor. Neurosonic’s blatant, brutally honest musings are an intense build of hard rock, industrial reinforcement, standout lyrics, and big, catchy, killer choruses.

Neurosonic''s songwriter/producer Jason Darr (lead vox/guitar) is the real deal: an uncompromising artist, determined to realize and relay his vision. Joining him in this journey are Troy Healy (guitar), Jacen Ekstrom (accompanying vox/ bass) and Shane Smith (drums), all of who are committed to the creation, performance and recording of visceral, powerful music. The manifestation of this is Neurosonic''s 2007 premier on Bodog Music, Drama Queen.

Drama Queen challenges the genre boundaries set up in today''s rock scene.
As aggressive and furious as a pop album could be, Drama Queen is a musical mutation like none other: Beatles-esque hooks assaulted with the industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails, or My Chemical Romance theatrics merged with System Of A Down progressions. Darr’s lyrics defy comparison. His hyper-intensity, torment and sarcasm are reflected in the songs. They connect with listeners who are tired of piss-and-moan post grunge or "we''re-so-cute" pseudo-emo. Whether waging all out war on psycho chicks ("Crazy Sheila"), standing defiantly in the face of idiocy ("Until I Die"), or spitting venom at the pre-fab pop star machine ("So Many People"), Neurosonic remain true to themselves, the music, and their cult of loyal fans. Drama Queen says it the way Neurosonic fans feel it.

Night after night and tour after tour Neurosonic are guaranteed to deliver a face-caving show. Shane Smith punishes the drums, laying it down with fierce vigor. Guitarist Troy Healy and bassist Jacen Ekstrom slash and burn the stage with charismatic force and unstoppable energy. As Jason Darr sings, sneers and screams, he invades the audience headspace and becomes the puppet master to mesmerized crowds. Neurosonic demands and receives a powerful reaction from global audiences. This show is the head butt after the handshake!

Neurosonic continuously promote their release Drama Queen internationally, with the support of Bodog Music -- and Neurosonic fans.

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