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The Vincent Black Shadow music licensing store
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The Vincent Black Shadow

About The Vincent Black Shadow: THE VINCENT BLACK SHADOW have the moxie to awaken the retro heart and pump it full of new school blood.
The Vincent Black Shadow’s throwback 1940s cabaret sound has been twisted and contorted to form a modern hybrid. Combining hook-laden riffs, gain-stained guitar, hypnotic rhythms, classical piano and unpredictable lyrics that take you on a disturbing journey to a world you clamor to revisit.
This Vancouver-based band is comprised of Cassandra Ford (Vocals), the brothers’ Robbie (Guitar/Vocals), Chris (Bass/Vocals), Anthony (Drums) Kirkham, and features live and recorded keyboard flavor from several local accomplished pianists. TVBS is the marriage of two projects: the Kirkham brothers’ original horror punk trio Mr. Underhill that spawned Nim Vind and a side project of Rob Kirkham and Cassandra Ford produced to highlight her vocals. When Cassandra and Rob started feverishly writing, they called upon the other Kirkham brothers to join in their endeavor. The Vincent Black Shadow collaborates to create a new sound drawing influence from an eclectic variety, such as the film soundtrack pioneers (Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badelamenti, Danny Elfman), along with Faith No More, Heart, Chris Isaak, Blondie, Danzig, Megadeth, Burt Bacharach, and a wealth of classical music. The band takes their name from a mysterious motorcycle in the Hunter S. Thompson novels. The vehicle name is the perfect match for the band. Their musical styling also fits within the Hunter S. Thompson “Gonzo” mentality.
TVBS joined the Bodog Music roster in 2006 and released their debut album Fears In The Water on January 16, 2007 worldwide. This album is unapologetic, unyielding, and is one of the few truly original new alternatives to the world of music. Cassandra Ford’s dark and playful charm is exemplified by the artwork she created for the album. Their non-stop touring in support of the release has garnered a global cult following. The band rocked the 2006 Warped Tour, Myspace Spring Break, The Fuse/Fangoria Chainsaw Awards official after party, CMJ and PopKomm. TVBS have toured with Joan Jett, Snow Patrol, Halifax, Greeley Estates, Bif Naked, Kosheen and have played several radio local live shows in support of their hit radio single “Metro,” which received top 5 phone requests nationwide and serious airplay. The music video for “Metro” shot to #1 on Fuse TV’s “Guilty Pleasures”, beat out Panic! At The Disco and Justin Timberlake in Fuse’s “Oven Fresh” and reigned supreme on MTVU’s “The Freshman.”
TVBS’s recordings are the soundtrack to their completely no-holds-barred stage performance. Rob’s fiery passion and zoot suit garb intensify an action packed guitar performance. Balanced by a rhythm section of brothers, bassist Chris lays down thick-pocketed riffs with his bold, hold it down swagger, and driving sonic undertones. Leaving way for the popping and flying of sticks brought to you by the third Kirkham in the troupe, Anthony. His relentless breakdowns and crushing fills bring the percussive pop punk twinge and “big beat” that set TVBS in their own category. These eerie notes and mysterious tones create a whirlwind of sounds. It is this explosive high energy that acts as the complete spectral opposite when juxtaposed to Cassandra’s icy demeanor and maliciously captivating vocals. It is the undisturbed vacancy and belting bravado that has crowds wondering what incredible angst lies within the black heart of this diminutive beauty. Put on your dancing shoes and get your Prozac prescription filled!

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