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Jennifer Morrison music licensing store
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Jennifer Morrison

About Jennifer Morrison: I was born in Red Deer but grew up on a boat in Vancouver I have been playing guitar since I was 5yrs old and writing songs since high school However I did not develop my art until I found myself stuck in Calgary with no shelter money or food and discovered that people were willing to hear me sing My favorite place to play was and always will be outside the Republic a bar in Calgary where I got the warmest reception I also hosted a jam at a local coffee shop which became one of the more popular jams in town But before my music career took off I wound up stuck in Vancouver again unable to reach my fans The scene was different and I found that indoor gigs although harder to get worked better than outdoor ones so I got a normal job and settled in towards recording Stability has never been my middle name but it makes for great music So now that I'm older and wiser with more skill and songs than ever before It is time to kick off my next album and see if it sells

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