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Steve Dressler music licensing store
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Steve Dressler

About Steve Dressler: Blog spot "Mind Transport CD Requested by CBS Television"
Mind Transport is now the sound tracks for my videos at
you tube and metacafe.com The sounds tracks of latin, jazz,
african, classical and middle eastern instruments which
I have composed to create a orchestration that never
existed. Listening to these tracks might relax you or
move you to dance. Sound tracks like "Oasis and Beyond" or
"Mello On The Yellow Brick Road" are more serene where as
"The Heat Is On" or "Bella Viola" are upbeat dance tracks.
**Do not forget to click on the "Mind Transport Biking NYC
and Abstract Graphic Videos", "Official Website"
(http://designprintsandvideos4u.com) and more under **links**
@ http://cdbaby.com/cd/stevedresler
at the bottom left.


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