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Such music licensing store
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About Such: A New York City duo comprised of producer Shlomo Sonnenfeld (MC Lyte) and influential Seattle performer Charles "Upchuck" Gerra. The two joined forces to create a neo-glam/alternative/pop hybrid. After being "discovered" by multi-grammy winner John Holbrook they set out to write and record their debut album at legendary Bearsville Studio in Upstate NY. During the recording sessions Gerra fell ill and was diagnosed as having HIV. The duo completed recording eight complete tracks that remained unreleased due to Gerra's death in 1990. The tracks were discovered in 2008 by Seattle producer Dennis White and released along other, earlier recordings done by Gerra on a CD collection called UPCHUCK: GONE BUT NOT FORGIVEN. Gerra's work has long been recognized as inluential to the Seattle music scene that emerged in the 1990's and there is a current resurgence of interest in his work. His work has been acclaimed by Charles R. Cross, NY Times best selling author of 'Heavier than Heaven, The Biography of Kurt Cobain' which is in production as a major film release. The Advocate Magazine has dubbed Gerra as 'The Gay Cobain'. His CD is in current release and has recieved critical acclaim througout internet and print media.


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