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About Brownstar: In a rugged mountain town nestled deep in the heart of the North Cascades, the band Brownstar first formed. By forces to this day unknown, the four members of the new Brownstar, since March of 2007 have taken to writing hard driving scores of rock, with dabs of indie and pop magic scattered throughout. Brownstar's music, inspired by such bands as the Pixies, Incubus, Tool, and the harsh reality of life in the hills, attempts to touch both the most graceful and primal aspects of human expression. Running a close second to their musical prowess is undoubtedly their electric stage presence. Bassist for the well known New York band, The Antlers, as well as singer song writer for the up and coming indie power house, "Pet Ghost Project," Justin Stivers commented; "Brownstar's stage presence is comparable to the more entertaining bands on the New York rock circuit." "They strip the music down to its core and play it with passion just as Cobain and the boys did back in the day," the Weekly Volcano.

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