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About mindwalk2007: Mindwalk2007 is the artist name of Paul walker, an experimental musician and composer based in the northwest of England. I have had a life long passion for music and in the 1970s' I began to listen to the music of the likes of Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and The Moody Blues. Around this time, I began listening to the music of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis. hen, in the early 1980s' I discovered the great music of Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder and the other Berlin School musicians, who have all been a great influence on me. I also discovered the music of the Spanish group NEURONIUM. I got the chance to see them Live at UK electronica'84 and soon after this I became friends with Michel Huygen and I also ran a NEURONIUM fan club for a while. Remember, this was in the days before the internet. Another musician who I discovered at this time is Ian Boddy and you will find a couple of pics of him in my new slide show. I have always loved the music of Ian Boddy as it so varied and encompasses a vast range of styles and textures. My current music creation set up consists of an Apple Macbook with Reason Four, (which I just love using) and Ableton Live six so that I have the use of some of the many software synths and plugins that are available out there. Amongst the soft synths that I use are; Greenoak Crystal . I have also just added a range of stuff from Linplug and these include; Alapha3 CronoX 3 Octopus and Sophistry.

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