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Lady Rho

About Lady Rho: One minute she's stylishly rapping across the stage and the next she's humming soulful ballads to her attentive audience. Her gorgeousness lights up the room. She is Lady Rho, the epitome of world-class.
Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Lady Rho has seen life in some incredibly desolate places. Nevertheless, she has been fully inspired by the pain of poverty and misfortune, to write hundreds of songs.

The truth of the matter is, she is precisely what the music industry is lacking. Her music speaks for itself. She addresses real issues like poverty, self-awareness, love loss, greed, friends, and the destructive music industry - to name a few. The message in nearly every song is in one way educational, motivational, or self-reflecting. She is skilled in rapping, as well as singing. Her music is best described as a mixture of fiery hip hop verses accompanied by smooth R&B vocals.

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