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Pablo Embon music licensing store
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Pablo Embon

About Pablo Embon: Originally from Argentina grew up in a special musical environment. Developed intuitive composition skills at very young age; at the age of 7 created my first songs for both guitar and piano. Participated and won some recognitions in public music contests including songs written in the French language. Being coached by Eduardo Isaac, one of the finest Latin America contemporary classical guitar players developed a very solid background for the instrument and composition skills. During the early '80s, I carried out and led with other musicians, a music project called "Planeta XVI" a compilation of experimental instrumental pieces associated with an original science fiction story. Part of the project was locally released in 1989. Played and recorded our own songs with several bands in Argentina. Later on and after immigrating to Israel, continued my music creation activities in the alternative and jazz genres, owning a home studio and producing my own music. The piano is my core musical instrument for most of my work.

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