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Like A Martyr

About Like A Martyr: Like A Martyr’s versatile sound is influenced by the raw power of Motorhead, by the stripped down blues of Muddy Waters, by the simplistic stomp of the White Stripes, by the rock n roll swagger of Bruce Springsteen and by the lyrical depth of Buck 65.

Like A Martyr is an anxiety-driven neurotic, striving for perfection, drinking and laughing all the while. Like A Martyr is thumping, clapping, pulsating, kicking, screaming, falling, rejoicing, staggering and stomping to their rightful place in the rock n roll mosaic.

Like A Martyr’s first full-length release, “The North” was released in September 2008.

Like A Martyr’s songs from the album “The North” appear regularly on Betus.com’s hugely popular sports podcasts. LAM songs “Drive Fast Crash Hard” and “Sing” (LAM EP 2007) appeared in episodes 13 and 14 of Global TV’s hockey reality series Making the Cut: Last Man Standing in 2007.

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